Gotta give all respect to this man

I was listening to a Nujabes‘ playlist earlier tonight (errr, earlier this very early morning) and this was definitely one of the lists’ standout tracks. It’s also a part of the Samurai Champloo OST. Dead Season is a bit eerie, reminding me of some deep, dark wood with life within the shadows. Full moon overhead but no stars, a slight chill in the air as summertime cools down for the late evening. I think of a samurai too, but like, not the conventional kind. Something like a Yoshimitsu meditating, reflecting, deep in that forest.

Maybe one way to describe Dead Season is as a tad unnerving, but it’s the most hypnotizing thing. It’s short and sweet, but something tells me an extended version would put you in a trance in no time. Thank you for your emotion, Nujabes!


(Source: tehihm)