Jay Park

For all intents and purposes it’s a good song, though

Noooooo. This ratchet, not-good-for-shit-other-than-a-club-banger music needs to NOT make its way to Asia. I’m all for a good banger when I’m trying to have fun, and I get that Jay Park‘s MOMMAE is essentially that, but this is the start of the downfall. Seriously. Music starts being “just about the beat, relax it’s just one song” and then next thing you know the entire mainstream (the most influential segment of music to the masses, hence mainstream) is filled with superficial and/or negative messages. I think for a lot of people part of the appeal of Asian music, whether it be indie or mainstream, is the fact that it was good AND wholesome. Curses are fine, topics about  sex are fine, but Jay Park’s latest is looking like an American staple equipped with booty girls and very suggestive clothing. I sound like an old man but it’s only because I get what older generations complain about. Like I said before the break the song is good for what it is, but it leaves me wondering where Korean music, or Korean Hip Hop at the least, is headed.