Urban Zakapa

Watch the MV to title track ” 2 1 2″ after the break! 

Korea’s representatives for soul, funk, and feelings, Urban Zakapa, returns with a new EP, [UZ] to set the tone for a great summer. Out for a stroll, exploring the night, or even relaxing at home, Urban Zakapa’s groove and funky melodies will get you on your way to good times.

Urban Zakapa’s first mini-album was released in 2009, [Coffee] was a defining album for the vocalist trio. Showcasing the variety of flavors in their voices and heartwarming harmonies, they were able to create hit after hit from their debut track “Coffee,” “My Love” from their [01] album, and their cover of SES’s “Just a Feeling.” Steadily rising through the charts, in 2013 with the release of their 3rd album, [03], Urban Zakapa created a comfortable home in the Korea’s top music charts.

In 2014, Urban Zakapa released their 4th album, [04] which showcased a new level of depth and maturity in their music. Communicating the intensity of emotion through lyric and song, Urban Zakapa have long since shed their rookie status and exceeded the expectations as R&B soul superstars.

Now with the release of [UZ], fans can fall in love all over again with Urban Zakapa’s diva, Hyuna Jo, and the silky smooth voices of Kwon Soon-il and Park Yong-in. The title track of this EP is “2 1 2” which talks about the sweet moment when two people become a couple. The music video that accompanies this track stars actors/models, Lee Sung Kyoung and Shon Min Ho. The duo is able to show the charming side of this moment in a relationship and bring the feeling of the song to life.

Another track from [UZ] is an upbeat groove track called “Get,” a motivating song that encourages people to take charge, challenge everything, and get what they want. Featuring rapper Beenzino, he adds a rebellious swag to the track to ignite a fire to never settle. This music video was pre-released before the album and title track and stars artist IMSUMI.

Urban Zakapa will be holding many festivals and concert performances, so please tune into their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/urbanzakapa.page) and Twitter (@UrbanZakapa) to find out more. This is going to be a love filled summer with Urban Zakapa.