Tiger JK

The short MV for “I Know” is even more of a tease than the teaser!

The short version MV doesn’t provide any clarity after the teaser, and instead just confuses us all even more. Tiger JK is being tortured and oddly enough seems to enjoy it, and all I could think about while watching was what kind of stuff goes through this man’s head? Tiger JK can be pretty eccentric, I mean that as a compliment, and I’d love to have the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about how concepts like these come to be, and what influences them. Not in like a formal interview setting or anything, but just something really chill- just macking. Always great to see an artist freely express and be so animated with their creations! I wouldn’t expect anything less from JK!

But forreal… where that full MV at???




(Source: Feel Ghood Music)