Super Junior

Super Junior releases 10th Anniversary Album Part 2 “Magic” MV!

Let the Engrish commence! “She’s So Hot, She’s So Fire” is the latest in the series of hilarious English phrases to come from SuJu, but much like all of their other songs the laughable English doesn’t take away from the quality of music! Magic is bursting with energy and color. Feeling tired? Listen to Magic. Need a burst of energy for that test? Listen to Magic. Getting ready for an exciting night out? You get the drift.

Super Junior’s new anniversary album includes 14 tracks with 4 of them being new songs, that’s counting the title Magic. Check it below!

p.s. Isn’t it funny how in so many of these types of videos the entire group is chasing ONE girl. Like ya’ll are SUPER JUNIOR! Stop fronting like it’s hard for all of you to find the baddest chick lololol! Lmao I kid, it’s a cute concept haha.


(Source: SMTOWN)