Korean singer YiSungYol releases the full music video to, Radira!

With the short one minute version of the music video released a little while ago, Fluxus Entertainment have decided to give fans the full MV to YiSungYol‘s Radira. In terms of music video creativity, this ranks number one. YiSungYol, the actors, and everything else in the world are made to look like paintings. The kind you see when you go to museums and stuff. Although I can assume it’s a computer program, it’s still hard to believe that they can record the MV with a normal camera setting and then create special effects like this. It really shows how far technology has come.

Putting the music video aside, Radira is actually a pretty good song. There’s other instruments, but most of the instrumental focuses around YiSungYol’s singing and guitar playing. Radira makes for a very nice listening experience; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

(Source: fluxus)