Taeyeon’s “I” is breathtaking through and through

As we all know, often times idols have to start in a group performing music and concepts they may not particularly enjoy just to get their foot in the industry door, but if they can endure that, and hopefully gain enough recognition, they’ll be able to branch out and create a style of music that truly resonates with them. This is what I is for Taeyeon.

The energy within her solo debut lets you know exactly how she’s felt throughout the years, working painstakingly alongside her group members turned best friends in the hopes that she’ll have an opportunity to create something just like this. I can only imagine how emotional she is right now. Feelings of happiness, sadness, relief, excitement, anxiousness- they’re probably all jumbled together, but given the mini album’s All-Kill status and it reaching 1.5 million views in just 15 hours, I think it’s safe to say I is an extreme success. Congrats Taeyeon because no matter what anyone says about you personally, I think we can all agree that you definitely deserved this.

The entire album has a very mellow, easy-listening vibe which is absolutely perfect. I’m happy there’s no dance tracks thrown in there just to be relevent, because it proves that this really was TAEYEON’s vision. You can feel it.

p.s. New Zealand is now on my list of places to visit. It’s awe-inspiring!




(Source: SMTOWN)