THANK YOU’s full MV to “ช่างเธอ (Wreck-it)” is finally out! 

Kamikaze’s THANK YOU has just released her new single Wreck-it, a song about a guy that does her wrong by cheating and how she’s had enough of it! I’m really happy that Kamikaze included English subtitles in the MV AND put the single on U.S. iTunes. It shows they care about international fans and are trying to gain access to them (aka their money lol). But that’s not a bad thing because I’m all for monetarily supporting my favorite artists, and Thailand has a music scene that’s heavily slept on across numerous genres. Watch THANK YOU get her revenge on her scum of a boyfriend below, and make sure to support by purchasing Wreck-it on iTunes!

p.s. How could you cheat on THANK YOU anyway??? She’s such a cutie~


(Source: welovekamikaze)