I’m thoroughly satisfied with this pre-release track!

CL managed to out do every other Asian artist’s attempt at an American debut in just her pre-release track, incorporating everything I’ve ranted and raved about regarding what’s been missing in all those that have come before her’s efforts. For one, the American sex appeal. Fully clothed, conservative styling will not fly in America, and CL and her team have gotten that hint and made sure to dress her and her dancers (ReQuest crew) in tastefully appropriate attire that suits both the Asian and American aesthetic. Out of all of the girls on screen CL is the most timidly dressed, but the fish net stockings paired with some of that booty meat hanging out of her shorts (while twerking) is all America really needs to get their fix. I’m so happy YG, Scooter Braun, and the rest of her team understood that stripping down is a necessity if seriously trying to branch out into the American market- I still don’t understand why this fact was so hard for other Asian artists and their management to understand. You either want to succeed in the States or you don’t.

By far one of the most refreshing things about Hello Bitches is how CL manages to incorporate Asian themes throughout while preventing herself from becoming a trope. The instrumental has South Asian influences, which made its way into the choreography, mixed in with a hard ass Trap beat and it all works together wonderfully. This would have been right up M.I.A’s alley so I’m surprised that collaboration didn’t happen just because of the song’s name change, which is why I’m only believing half of that story. I’m thankful there were no cliche, wack ass traditional Far East Asian instruments in this instrumental. LET THAT SHIT GO. It’s a fcking death sentence when it comes to pursuing an international music career, I swear.

Hello Bitch’s lyrics are fcking golden. “Sake to Soju Nagasaki to so you could find me in Shanghai you know what them shots of Bai Jiu do” had me lit as fck, not to mention at this part in the song they incorporated cup stacking into the choreography. This was just one of my favorite ways Hello Bitches included distinctly Asian motifs into the song, adeptly approaching CL’s obvious Asian-ness (which Americans are going to speak about) without making her the butt of jokes or mocking the culture.

I don’t think anyone is saying to throw away your Asian roots as an Asian artist when it comes to debuting in America, but rather suggesting an understanding of your new target audience. Hello Bitches is the best hybrid of American and Asian culture that I’ve seen in an international effort from ANY Asian artist that’s tried, and I’m looking forward to big things from CL. Her and her team are even doing right by releasing this pre-release for free on Soundcloud. Homegirl is trying to knock down as many walls separating her from American success as possible, and providing free anything is definitely a way to do it. Just like M.I.A was that transcendental South Asian artist that Americans embraced despite her race/ethnicity, CL is well on her way to becoming the same. Best believe when she blows up I’m going to be in everyone’s face, hands clapping to the rhythm of my words, talking about “I TOLD YALL! I TOLD YALL!!”


(Source: 2NE1)