Look at how far G2 has come. It’s a perfect example of starting from nothing, being on your grind 24/7, and making something of yourself. Shikgoo is his first official single under HI-LITE Records, I think, and it features B-Free, Okasian, Reddy, Huckleberry P, Paloalto, Sway D and DJ Djanga. The single comes off like one big cypher with G2 being the center piece and rapping about how now that he’s coming up, he has to take care of his people. All of the rappers in this were solid but I was a bit disappointed with Okasian. We all know Okasian has bars, but in this he was doing some weird singing thing and… yeah. And isn’t it funny how his style has changed so much? I mean compare the Okasian in this video to the one in the No Flex Zone remix and you’ll see two completely different people. Getting a lil bit of that mainstream attention and money can change a few things in just the course of a year, but I ain’t mad at him!! Shikgoo is below! 




(Source: CJENMMUSIC Official)