FEMM is like… Perfume with balls

If you ever wanted Perfume with a bit more sex appeal, potty mouth and overall badassery, then FEMM is your duo. After what I guess we can call a hiatus the girls are back with a new MV and the announcement of their first major debut EP and album PoW! / L.C.S. +Femm-Isation. The MV to the EP’s title track combines their robotic doll concept with the 60’s era to create a super unique and compelling visual, the song being hella fun. More info on their album below!

Oh and of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major Debut EP “PoW! / L.C.S. +Femm-Isation”
03 FEB 2016 Available!!

【Disc.1】「Pow! / L.C.S.」
01. PoW! [New Song!]
02. L.C.S. [New Song!]
03. Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble (Japanese Ver.) [New Version!]
04. Fxxk Boyz Get Money (Invaderous Remix) [New Remix!]
05. Party All Night (sfpr Remix)
06. Kill The DJ (Invaderous Remix)
07. Kiss The Rain (sfpr Remix)
08. Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble (Invaderous Remix)
09. Whiplash (sfpr Remix)
10. UFO feat. Fz from sfpr vs Invaderous (Original Mix) [New Mix!]

【Disc.2】 「Femm-Isation」(CD or EmptyCD-R)
01. We Flood The Night
02. Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble
03. Kill The DJ
04. Party All Night
05. The Real Thing
06. Dead Wrong
07. Unbreakable
08. Girls Night Out
09. Kiss The Rain
10. Fxxk Boyz Get Money
11. White Noise
12. Whiplash
13. Wannabe