Chinese Electro musician Noise&Noise has been working around the globe! 

Noise&Noise has been keeping busy since his last album release in 2014, publishing his material around Asia and Europe and participating in compilation albums to spread the word! The past 2 years have seen impressive expansion from the Beijing based musician as he’s taken his work to the U.S., U.K., France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Japan, collaborating with labels and other music collectives. He actually just got back from Tokyo last month where he performed some of his music, spreading that good ol’ Beijing Electro sound. We first featured Noise&Noise in 2012, so to see how far he and his music have come is awesome. Definitely proud of the dude, not only for his personal accomplishments but because of the ways he’s expanding the Chinese Electro scene. This post wouldn’t be complete without providing some listening material, so check below for some of his most recent works and compilations he’s been a part of. Very eccentric, haunting, distinctive sound NN has!

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Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/noisenoise


NN 2
From his December 12 show in Tokyo
NN 3
From his December 12 show in Tokyo
NN 4
From his December 12 show in Tokyo
NN 5
From his December 12 show in Tokyo