Ryuuta Takaki

From new album ‘Sink into the Midnight’

What a sick atmosphere this song has! Ryuuta Takaki‘s Inside Violence is from his new 14 track album Sink into the Midnight. It’s on Japanese iTunes right now since it’s already the 13th there, but I couldn’t find it on U.S. iTunes. Hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow (let’s cross our fingers it is!), although you can’t get your hopes up too much when dealing with indie releases.

Inside Violence is an Electronic/Hip Hop hybrid that’s not as scary as its title makes it seem. It does have a bit of creepiness to it, but at the same time it’s something you can head nod to and cruise through your city with. It’s ill.

Fun fact, dude was born in 1995!!

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Ryuuta Takaki – Sink into The Midnight


彼のその目で見てきた「人」にフォーカスをあてたRyuuta Takakiの初作がリリース。

LOW HIGH WHO?が2016年第一弾として放つ、インストゥルメンタルアルバム強力盤だ。

1 Apathy
2 Explosion
3 Alphaville
4 Stellar
5 Butterfly(Slave of Beast)
6 Pain
7 Lamp
8 Overdose
9 Inside Violence
10 Ghost and Sensual Drink
11 Reddish Blue
12 Debris of Unconscious
13 Bullet
14 Rise