SLUR – หรือ (OR) Official MV

Yesss, SLUR are back! Ya’ll already know by now they’re one of my fave Thai bands, just look at how many times I’ve written about them. They literally always have quality releases what can I say?!

หรือ (OR) follows a heartbroken girl through her city moments after she breaks up with her boyfriend, so I think it’s safe to say she’s not going to have a very happy Valentine’s Day. But what can you do, when it comes to matters of the heart sometimes there’s never a perfect time to let go. You just gotta do what must be done and end it when you see things are beyond repair, and sometimes that can happen during the holidays. One thing to remember is that the struggle will make you stronger, and that’s not just some BS, cliche talk but instead a fact. Just remember to carry the lessons you learned with you throughout life, and apply them to your next relationship. Try to find the good in the bad. It’s hard, but the effort will pay off.

Enough with the big brother talk, enjoy the MV! It’s more 80s Rock goodness, typical of SLUR <3


(Source: SmallroomOfficial)