Hustle hard, that’s the motto!

All On Me is something that everyone can relate to. Work hard, push through the BS, and just do what you gotta do. It’s the only way to get shit accomplished and make that dream happen, simple as that. Peep Al Rocco‘s new single below.

In every decision we make, with every move we take, the weight is all on us. #AllOnMe portraits those who hustles smart for their dreams to become a reality. No matter how big or small the goals are, everyone has the opportunity when focus, consistency and a strong belief is taken religiously to the heart. Success is an uphill battle with many obstacles to overcome but that’s because nothing great comes easy. The only way is to just do it. Nobody else is going to do it for you, but you, so what you gonna do?

With 9 mixtapes in catalog since 2012, Al Rocco releases his first original single #AllOnMe exclusively on iTunes this March 25th. Bilingual in English and Chinese, featuring Blow Fever and produced by Chace, the official music video will premier this April 23rd on #TheNextUnicorn. (An international TV show about start up companies competing with each other to be “the next Unicorn” meaning reaching the hundred million dollar status.) #AllOnMe will also be available on the popular mobile game #GroovesPlanet this May 2016 at the App store and Google play.

(Source: Al Rocco)