Giriboy feat. Loco, “I’m In Trouble” official video!

Not overly impressed with I’m In Trouble. It’s a new style for Giriboy as it barely has any Hip Hop/Rap elements and eh… just not feeling it much. I will say that the point of his new album is to expand beyond Hip Hop and experiment with different genres, and that’s always a good thing to hear an artist doing so definite props for that. I guess I just think he kinda missed the mark with this Dance/Pop hybrid, especially with that chorus, which I found to be kind of irritating.

What I am digging though is this MV. It’s one that takes on a super cool concept of magazine covers, but not like… a standard magazine cover template. Instead I’m In Trouble’s MV plays on prominent magazine covers from around the globe like GQ, Vivi, Vice, Dazed & Confused and i-D to name a few, and I thought that kind of stylistic direction was fresh. Loco‘s feature was nice as I knew it would be, so no surprises there.

Final thoughts are that objectively I’m In Trouble is a decent record, but subjectively it’s not for me. Still, check it out!

(Source: 1theK)