But it’s a good song, though!

SM STATION has released Tiffany feat. Simon D‘s Heartbreak Hotel, and it shows a side of Tiffany that’s within the realm of her I Just Wanna Dance concept except with much more sadness. I think the whole sexy Pop queen thing Tiffany is going for suits her well, and I hope that continues.

With that being said, Heartbreak Hotel’s music video just makes all us dudes look like total shit. All I could think when I saw the ending scene was “Got damn… he a dog” lmaoooo. Also when that part in the MV came up when the drunk dude bumped into Tiffany and the male lead went all level 10 ready to fuk the dude up I immediately was like “YOU NEED TO CALM IT DOWN”, cause it was NOT that serious. I mean yeah, say something to the guy but this dude just went complete ape shit and was ready for a brawl. Problematic, Tiffany. You should’ve seen the signs!

Simon D’s feature was good but I don’t think he added anything particularly special- it could’ve been pretty much any rapper tbh.

The video as a whole matched the audio and sentiment of the song wonderfully, allowing everything to come together in a way that really made you feel distraught (especially with all the lighting and filter effects!). Good one!

TL:DR Tiffany looks hella good.

(Source: SMTOWN)