For various reasons!

For those phone crazy friends of yours, you know the ones that start texting mid conversation and then have NO RECOLLECTION of what you just said, send this music video their way.

For those that need a pick me up or energy boost, this song is for you.

For those that just want to watch something cute and exciting, this release is all yours.

Rei‘s COCOA is fun AND sends a relevent message- everyone is obsessed with their damn phone and needs to cut it! I mean we get it, phones are now PDAs and they hold a lot of important information, but you gotta unplug and enjoy real, live interaction too! Other than the song’s lyrics, my favorite part of COCOA was the male lead. He’s adorable, and you’ll soon see why haha.

COCOA is from Rei’s 3rd mini album ORB releasing 9/21!

p.s. I’m also including a video of her performing at SXSW 2016 because her live guitar skills are fuking great.

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3rd Mini Album “ORB”


M1.Pay Day
M4.Route 246
M5.The Day (I Fell In Love With You)
M7.Keep On Driving