Such a sick song. From their 1st album, out now!!!

Let’s start out by mentioning CQ‘s drummer is an ex Plastic Tree member, and we all know how much I LIVE AND BREATHE for Pura!

CQ are here with the high speed Disco Crimson, a song paired with a futuristically styled lyric video. It’s super speedy (points if you catch the reference!) and fast paced so try to keep up! Loving their sound, so much so that I’m expecting BIG things from this debut album! Below are all of the member’s names, where to follow and of course the video! Sit back and fly!

Dir. : bectak(ニシカワタケシ)
【Now On Sale】
1st Album「Communication,Cultural,Curiosity Quotient

CQ are…
Vo/Gt Jun Shibuya(ex.honeydip/tron)
Gt Kiyomi Watanabe(ex.acid android/Tokyo shoegazer)
Gt Yoshitaka Sugahara(ex.Tokyo shoegazer)
Ba Wako Ohba
Dr Hiroshi Sasabuchi(ex.Plastic Tree/Tokyo shoegazer)

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