Asian-American singers Paul Kim and David So take us through time in their ‘The History of R&B’ video featuring Shawn Stockman

David So may mostly be known on the internet for his comedy sketches, but it’s not hard to find his other YouTube channel in which he performs a genre of music held close to his heart. In The History of R&B, David So teams up with fellow powerhouse vocalist Paul Kim to take us down memory lane. They start us off with some classic names like Roberta Flack and Marvin Gaye and slowly make their way to present day, performing songs from T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne and a host of others. The History of R&B shows the journey of Rhythm and Blues, pointing out just how much music has steadily began to lose its soul.

Making a special appearance is Shawn Stockman, and with all three of these talented performers combining their voices to celebrate a genre that has melted countless hearts, you can bet The History of R&B is a video worth watching.

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