Let’s talk City Pop! If you weren’t previously aware of the genre you probably got introduced via the Mariya TakeuchiPlastic Love trend. That one song created such a whirlwind and new fans of the genre, many of them now flooding the comments section of other 80’s Japanese notables, are proclaiming their newfound love.

For all us hipster ass music elitists (lol), we’ve known of the cool, nostalgic, western-inspired soundwaves of Japanese 80’s music for a long while now. Tbh, I wasn’t even calling it City Pop until recently– it’s just Japanese music from the 80’s to me.

Over the past couple of days I started binge listening to City Pop again (it’s something that happens every couple of months) and I have a bunch of songs to share with you all. Some of these are remixes of old time hits like Plastic Love, while others are original tracks from Yasuha and Junko Yagami.

City Pop is a genre that allows us to get lost in time. It sucks us in and brings us back to a decade of effortless cool. Cityscapes, shorelines, warm sunsets, youth, love, and freedom. These are just some of the sentiments that City Pop encapsulates, the same ones that make me feel oh, so good. Enjoy my curated playlist below!