Has the Khiphop fad died off? I haven’t been checking for Kpop nearly as much as I used to simply because it’s just too much. Like there’s just sooooo much going on with these new groups. Shit is changing too, cause even the big 3 companies aren’t doing as good as they used to. Kpop is just in a weird place recently, and maybe the consequence is a decline in Khiphop interest. Most of the Khiphop fad was fueled by Kpop fans and not legitimate Hip Hop fans anyway.

Idk, maybe I’m just making shit up. I could be talking out of my ass since I haven’t been paying much attention as of late but still… I would expect a Hi-Lite artist, especially Reddy, to pull in some more views, especially since the MV has been released for a few days now. Not only that, but it’s not even like a traditional Hip Hop track. It’s actually very melodic and he’s singing and everything. Weird.

‘Neways, enjoy the new release below!