Interview by Asian Boss

So I have yet to watch this because I’m saving it for when I (finally) eat dinner. Coverage of comfort women is so important. I remember learning about these women in undergrad and really sympathizing with their stories. It was so horrific, I can only imagine the traces on the psyche that remain now, and it’s something that really deserves to be remembered as a lesson on humanity. I applaud Asian Boss for taking on such a serious topic, although that’s not necessarily rare for them. It’s nice to see that media outlets are still giving this subject the attention it deserves and not allowing these stories be forgotten by time and modernity. No matter how many videos and re-tellings already exist, we can never have too much information. With each story comes a different perspective, and it’s these varying views that really help those of us who were lucky enough not to experience these tragedies to get a glimpse into their world.