Became a fan the minute dude opened his mouth to sing

It’s bands like 구원찬 Ku One Chan that just make you SO UPSET that Korean indie gets no love ’cause of idol culture. This trio is bringing all kinds of soulful melody, just vibing out with an audience of true music lovers who were there to be swept off of their feet. Speaking of audiences, it always kills me how passive Asian fans are. I know it’s out of respect but their ability to NOT move in tandem with the music is admirable, ’cause when I feel it I FEEL it and the dancing/singing along can’t be helped. Anyway, Way is just such a silky record that I’m honestly happy I heard live before the studio version– it adds that personal touch. This group has a new fan in me for sure.

This live was recorded June 30, 2018 in Hongdae.