I didn’t let any of you guys know because I was THAT busy, but I went to the PRC for about 6 weeks and just got back last week. I swear I was trying to write while I was there but my schedule was jam packed, I’m talking 12-15 hour days. I did manage to check out some dope shows and art spaces thanks to my friends though, and I plan on writing about those experiences and some others soon to give you all a taste of what went down!

I’m making my return to the music with Young Yujiro, a rapper out of Japan under HIBRID Entertainment. Young Yujiro is dropping a new EP titled Ghost on 8/21 and the title track is Shinogi, a gritty Rap rack featuring HARDY. You can expect the squad flexing 10 deep in the video- it’s all about that menace vibe and letting them know you’re NOT the one with whom to fuck (shoutout to Alien for that classic line). Peep the video and links to follow below.

Young Yujiro – Ghost2019.8.21 Digital Release


Track List-1. Shinogi (Ft. HARDY)

2. 無茶苦茶や

3. Ghost (Ft. Kenayeboi, Young West, Kitchen K)

4. 超ワヤ (Ft. LYTO)

5. Chillin’

6. Play Dirty (Ft. Kenayeboi)

7. Fendi Freg (Ft. P!O)

Follow: Young Yujiro:

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/youngyujiro/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/yy_hibrident

Follow: HARDY:

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hardamn_boyz/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HARDAMNBOYZ