Korean rapper 5Zic from new group ‘Most Incredible Busters’ releases his new single and music video, Beautiful Day

Okay, so here’s the run down. M.I.B is a new hip hop group that plans on debuting by the end of the month with an album and showcase, but before the groups’ collective debut each of the members will be releasing their own individual songs and music videos with 5Zic being the first. (For those wondering they’re signed to Jungle Entertainment.)

I was actually pretty surprised at how good this was. It seems like Most Incredible Busters are going to try to break into the mainstream, so I wasn’t expecting a track with such a street vibe. If they do end up reaching audiences other than underground Khiphop fans, and manage to keep this rugged rap sound, I think they’re going to be extremely successful. No, more than that. They’ll be the first mainstream Korean rap group that’s actually, well, rap.

All of this is just my take on it though, and I have no idea if they’re definitely going to try and take on the mainstream music industry. Time will tell; I’ll keep you guys posted.


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(Source: AsianDream2015)