After School’s sub-unit group “Orange Caramel” reveal their latest MV for their cleverly titled single ‘Shanghai Romance’

Learning from the successes of their previous singles, Orange Caramel add a bit of humor into the mix as they try to catch the attention of an unnamed male in their new MV Shanghai Romance. After facing rejection the girls felt there was nothing left to do but tie him up, forcing the man to be theirs despite his wishes. Although the concept seems a bit extreme, the video shows the girls’ quirky side mixed with a familiar cuteness.

Comments have also been floating around stating that the guy in the video is part of Pledis Entertainment‘s new boy group After School Boys. This hasn’t been confirmed by the company yet, but with such rumors spreading around it’s making fans anticipate the guys’ debut even more. What do you all think of Orange Caramel’s new single?

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