Korean emcee “Verbal Jint” releases the music video to sentimental track, ‘It’s Adorable’

Verbal Jint is releasing some heavy stuff. A good portion of It’s Adorable is cinematic, with actors telling a sad story about struggle, depression, and entrapment. At least that’s what it seems, seeing as the music video has no subtitles. Verbal Jint, known for his rapping, takes on singing? to help convey deep emotion. The instrumental is gloomy and melancholic, but still has enough soul to keep your head nodding while you take everything in.

It’s Adorable is definitely something new from VJ, but change is good. The song helps us understand another side of him, one that we probably never considered. This is the reason why indie music is so much better than mainstream to me. It’s impactful and relatable. It’s real.


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(Source: AsianDream2015)