Korean girl group “Brown Eyed Girls” release the full music video to shocking new single, ‘Cleansing Cream’

Cleansing Cream came as a complete shock to me, stunning me with its story and visuals. I don’t want to give too much of a description until you’ve watched and came to a conclusion on your own, so I’ll include the synopsis after the video. To give you some insight as to how the song sounds, if you couldn’t tell from the teasers, Cleansing Cream is a ballad track.

During dinner, the older sister notices the makeup and believes her younger sister is trying to ‘win over’ her husband from what had happened. Out of jealousy and rage, she grabs her younger sister and proceeds to wash the makeup off violently. When it doesn’t, she proceeds to ‘drown’ her sister. As her younger sister reaches out as the lyrics say ‘It hurts, it hurts, unni.’, the older sister realizes that all her younger sister wanted was to be just like her. -via YouTube

Really not much to say besides a job well done.

(Source: officialBEG)