New Korean boy group “AA” (Double A) reveal the MV to their debut single ‘Because I’m Crazy’

With all of the rookie groups debuting left right this past year, AA have made the effort to?separate?themselves from the rest. Their song isn’t exactly my cup of tea but I give them a lot of credit for debuting with a single like?Because I’m Crazy, as?It fuses both a ballad and powerful dance track into one.

The choreography is the selling point of the song for me. Every K-Pop song has to have signature dance moves, and we definitely get a lot of those here. People have classified these guys as a manly group with a feminine dancing style, but this?uniqueness?definitely works in their advantage as it makes a strong statement. Who knows, guys looking manly while dancing more ‘girly’ could even be a new trend amongst new and existing male groups. Regardless, I wish the boys luck.

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