Filipino-American emcee/producer “M. Born” stays?committed?to creating Honest Music


Ain’t no way you can walk away from that without feeling something. Whether it be M. Born‘s strong passion for music, the smooth sound of Used To Be‘s Jazz Hip Hop beat or a bit of both, M. Born proved that he is an artist to watch. Used To Be?was created through a collaboration between M. Born and production company Footwords, who collectively are called Soul Food. They’re actually working on M. Born’s debut album as I type this; I’m happily?preparing myself for more influential and inspirational music.

If I Ever Lose You (Produced by M. Born)

It was only recently that I started getting into Soul Hip Hop, and it’s a genre that’s seems to be very hit or miss for me. Some emcees I instantly get into, while others kind of fall short. M. Born is one of the few that I completely vibe off of, with closed eyes and head nodding?accompanying?every song. He creates the kind of music that’s perfect for those cozy Summer nights, the kind where your chilling with friends and enjoying the prolonged daylight. It’s chill music with genuine feeling behind it; M. Born is an artist who creates music simply because he wants to spread a message of truth and passion. Can’t be mad at him.

Follow M. Born and join him on the road towards enlightenment. I’ll see you there.

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