Chinese-American rapper Jin releases the first track from his new English album, Shoot For The Moon!

Jin has been kept pretty busy lately! About a month ago he released his EP Sincerely Yours in order to have new material to perform for his show in Vancouver, and with the summer months upon us Jin prepares to release TWO new albums!

The first album of the two is his English album (he hasn’t released an English album in the past five years!) with the first single being Shoot For The Moon!

Shoot For The Moon is Jin’s autobiography in song form. He expresses through his rhymes where he began as a musician, the lessons he’s learned, and how he’s created the life he’s always wanted without regretting a thing. The message is strong. Not only is Jin providing motivation through his personal story, but he’s giving listeners the strength to continue pursuing their own dreams.

Keep checking back here for updates on the release of Jin’s English album, and his following Cantonese album!

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