Korean emcee “BIZNIZ” releases the MV to ‘say wussup’ from his upcoming mixtape “STRICTLY BIZNIZ”

Daaamn. Let me start off with a list of all the emcees featured in this song. We have?Reddy, Innovator, Donutman, Hwaji, Jolly V, i11EVN, Psycoban, New Champ, Qwala and Wutan all putting in some bars alongside BIZNIZ. I damn near passed out at all the awesomness, especially during the New Champ, QWALA and Jolly V parts. But honestly, it’s really hard to pick favorites because all of these emcees brought their own killer style to the track and SOMEHOW managed to put it all together. This is what you call a collaboration! It’s sick!

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Twitter: @bizniz82

(Source: Brandnewmusickorea)