Korean girl group, Secret, have released the Japanese version of their original Korean single Madonna.

With groups such as Girls’ Generation (SNSD), 2PM, SHINee, BEAST (B2ST), etc. attempting to spread the Hallyu Wave in other countries, Secret are another force in the ranks by globalizing their sexy style and catchy pop sound.

Currently doing promotions for their Korean single Starlight Moonlight, the Japanese version of Madonna takes a step back to their Pop/R&B days reliving their strong choreography, powerful vocals and sexy image.

After listening to the Japanese version and watching the video, the girls have still got it in them to perform any style. After getting used to their retro concept from their Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight promotions, it does feel refreshing to watch them don their original style again.

There’s just something captivating about hearing your favorite K-Pop idols sing in other languages. What do you think of Secret’s new Japanese sound? Check out the music video below.


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