Thai singer “Ann Thitima Patumtip” releases her powerful, new music video ‘Unpitiful Person’ based on true story

When something’s based on a true story it makes learning about it that much more impactful. Throughout the music video I couldn’t help but remind myself that, unlike other dramatic MVs, this one was real. Unpitiful Person tells the story of a woman who’s been in love with her friend since high school, but how nothing ever transpired between them because of her fear of losing him as a friend. The two graduate and live their lives, but they eventually come in contact again. What happens after that I’ll let you find out for yourself; I don’t want to give away any spoilers. One thing I will say though is that the story focuses on inner strength and how that’s sometimes obtained through hardship. There’s English subs, so you’ll be able to understand both the song’s lyrics and the?dialogue?completely. I hope you watch and enjoy as much as I did.

(Source: gmmgrammyofficial)