Japanese Rock band “the pillows” release the short version MV to ‘Trial’

the pillows have been one of my top 5 favorite Japanese Rock bands for some time now,?and their present day stuff is just as good as their past.?Trial is a chill song with a music video concept focused around ice and snow and shows the guys performing in the midst of the frost. There’s really not much I can say without eventually repeating myself; It’s just a good song. Everything the pillows release is pretty much hyped up by me, though. Call me biased. ?By the way, for some old school the pillows goodness, I recommend checking out Ride on Shooting Star. It’s one of their most popular songs and it really helped them gain a good portion of their American fanbase (it was the ending theme to popular anime FLCL). Now, here’s Trial.

(Source: avexnetwork)