Japanese band “androp” release their creative, new music video ‘World.Words.Lights.’

When it comes to taking lyrics to heart, World.Words.Lights. ranks supreme. The song explains how the words we say can trigger feelings of hope that can be felt globally, and the music video takes a few of these words and personifies them. Here, I’ll let you read it from androp directly:

“World. Words. Lights.” is a new dance track by androp. It sings about all the different words spoken around the world, and the hope and light they emit upon us.

When we listened to the track, keywords such as “lights” and ” dance music” stood out. In order to visualize the mechanical beats, and these 2 themes, we came up with an idea to create a group of “toys” which dances to the music.

We made a variety of toys with various actions, which reflects the diversity of the world. As they dance and light up in synch with the music, they start to seem as if they are brought to life with the magical powers of dance & music.

Just knowing the concept and effort put behind the music video makes the song that much better. It was already amazing to begin with, but with both a positive message and an innovative MV- It’s perfect. You’ll really like World.Words.Lights, I’m sure of it.

World.Words.Lights. will be released February, 15th.

Bonus, here’s the making of video. Pretty damn cool!

(Source: andropmusic)