Japanese band “Wasureranneyo” release the MV to their self-titled track ‘Wasureranneyo’

I really wanted to get this out to you guys. It’s not often that I come across indie Jrock, so when this popped up I rushed over to write about it. Wasureranneyo is a Rock band that’s totally nostalgic, at least for me. It takes me back to, once again, the FLCL days (their sound is very reminiscent of the pillows). Those days when I was so in love with the anime that I rushed to my local bookstore to buy the manga. But the love for the series still hasn’t faded all these years later, and when I hear music like Wasureranneyo’s I can’t help but take strolls down memory lane.

The above is all very personal. For all of you, picture that one thing that makes you feel all comfy and content inside. It may even have a nerdy quality?attached?to it, and that’s perfect. Wasureranneyo is the musical representation of that feeling. Enjoy.


Kinda tricky translating this, but if I’m correct Wasureranneyo will be released March, 7.

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Website: wasureranneyo.com

Twitter: @wasureranneyo