“BIGBANG” release the MV to ‘BAD BOY’ from their new album ALIVE!

Daaaamn BIGBANG! I’m about ready to call this one of their best tracks! It’s a song that I can find no faults with, and one I think the Western audience would gobble up. Everything about the track is perfect, not to mention it has a compelling and very well directed music video (the transitions to each of the members was genius)! The streets of NYC are pretty dope, but seeing BIGBANG throw their swagger all over the place just makes things that much cooler. And their styling; EVERYONE is looking fresh! GD’s hair is awesome, and Taeyang’s dance moves have only gotten better. My thoughts are all over the place, but that’s pretty much every fan’s state of mind right now.

Nothing but badassery.

ALIVE is?available?on iTunes, so please support BIGBANG and the expansion of Asian music!

(Source: BIGBANG)