Korean group 2NE1 have finally released their music video for their new single I Am The Best.

The girls have comeback with a much stronger image compared to their previous single Lonely. Though they performed the song live before the music video was released, the video still gives the feeling that we are witnessing it for the first time.

Their style in the video is much more striking and powerful, and with outrageous styling comes a stronger MV concept. It has a similar feel to Follow Me and Can’t Nobody, but let’s just say it’s been bumped up by at least 50%.

The beat of the track matches the content of the music video really well and with an upbeat dance tempo, you can’t help but get up and move your feet!

What do you think of 2NE1‘s new style? I know for a fact that fans will love this! Check the video below!

(Source: 2NE1)