Japanese girl group “E-Girls” release the short version MV to their new single ‘One Two Three’

At first I was a little confused at this being called a short version seeing as the video is almost 5 minutes long, but it all started making sense soon enough. The first 3 minutes or so is nothing but choreography, with the girls showing off their dance moves (which aren’t that bad). It’s only the remaining couple of minutes that are the actual song, and it’s pretty standard. The selling point for these girls is definitely how many there are, and there’s a LOT. I think they’re trying to be an AKB48 or something because there’s THAT many of them. I’m interested to see how these girls are going to do, especially when members can be forgotten with so many in one group. Giving singing parts to each member is going to be hard. Hell, giving decent camera time will be a little difficult. We’ll see, though.

(Source: avexnetwork)