Korean boy group SHINee finally return with ‘Sherlock’

I think I can speak for every Shawol when I say we were all very “curious” about?SHINee‘s comeback MV, but now that wait has finally ended. Sherlock has been on steady repeat since the album was released, but without the MV it still felt like an incomplete experience. But now that it’s out- I think this is the first time I’ve ever been speechless. I loved everything in the MV from the scenography to the choreography to the actual song. And when you consider the fact that Sherlock is also a hybrid of two tracks (Clue and Note from the same album), it’s safe to say SHINee went all out for their well overdue return. So far I think this is the comeback of the year, but they’re up there with BIGBANG and all three of their stellar music videos.?Regardless, Sherlock is a must watch and I suggest you check it out!

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