Japanese singer “mini” releases the MV to her new single ‘Hako puni n sosu’

This is getting a LOT of attention, mostly from mini fans who aren’t too impressed with the song or concept. To sum everything up, it seems like they think she’s too good for something like this. They feel her older songs were much better, and they don’t like the lack of clothing within this MV. As for me, I don’t know much about mini so I can’t speak for anything prior.?Hako puni n sosu, in my opinion at least, is decent if you’re into Electronic Pop music. My only gripe is with the MV. It looks kind of cheap with all of those effects put on the green screen, and this is part of the reason why some of her fans are so disappointed. Curious to know what your thoughts are on the release, mini fan or not.

(Source: avexnetwork)