Korean girl group “Girl’s Day” releases the MV teaser to comeback track ‘Oh! My God’

I’m a bit… iffy about this one. Oh! My God takes on some pretty heavy Western dance styles like Krumping, and that was where my eyebrows started to raise. That style of dance, although cool, is kind of dated. It was extremely popular a few years ago but I hear virtually nothing about it now, not to mention I fear?LOEN may not know enough about the culture to incorporate into a MV concept. Perhaps LOEN is just lightly touching on the subject just for the sake of a fun and upbeat comeback MV, and if that’s the case a deep understanding of the dance style isn’t really needed. I’m curious to see the full release of Oh! My God and how they’ll use these dance styles in it. What do you guys think?

(Source: LOENENT)