Filipino-American emcee “I.J.D.” releases the full audio to ‘Revolver’ feat. RNEgato

I gotta give I.J.D. credit. I haven’t really seen this kind of approach towards Rap before and it deserves?attention. Think of I.J.D.’s music as a movie. He creates these highly dramatic, fictionalized stories like the ones you’d watch on TV or the big screen, but instead tells the tale through Rap. I like it when artists personalize their songs and put bits and pieces of themselves within their music, but creating a completely new world all together is cool too. Check out Revolver below.

I.J.D. of (*F.L.I.P.-Battalion | #IntelligentRappersFTW) continues to stimulate the mind as he paints a picture of a murder gone wrong. A husband plans to carry out his drug-induced deed, but soon realizes afterwards that his wife had similar ideas. Struggling to cope with the fact that his wife will have the last laugh, he shoots himself in an attempt to negate the effects of his wife’s weapons. RNEgato makes his mysterious debut as well with little knowledge on him. It is amusing to see how the tables turn in an instant, hence the song title having a double concept. “Revolver” — the gun used to murder and the rotating outcome in the end.

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