Rock duo “The Bots” are the new era of Punk at just 14 and 18 years old

Yeah, you read right. Brothers Mikaiah Lei (guitar, vocals) and Anaiah Lei (drums) are creating good ol’ Punk Rock music at just 18 and 14 years old, playing at gigs like Warped Tour and releasing albums, singles and music videos like seasoned pros. I just came across these guys today and am seriously blown away. Their music is?reminiscent?of Punk from decades past, and despite being raised in the current generation they have no mainstream Pop influence. Simply put, it’s killer Rock from dudes that know what they’re doing. Anaiah is sick on the drums, effortlessly working the pedal and symbols like it’s nothing, and Mikaiah is SHREDDING on that guitar. You guys have to check them out- you’d be doing yourself a?disservice?if you didn’t.

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(Source: hoytygurl)