umbrella’s 1st Full Album is Out Next Week!

“ダーウィン” (Darwin) is released 5/30!

I don’t post for a week and then I come at you guys with a fucking promo spot for a new album (#NOTSPONSORED… but no seriously it’s not lmao). I know, I’m horrible. But umbrella are a band I’ve written about a few times because I think they’re awesome, so I wanted to share the good news. Their first full-length is coming out next week!

May 30, to kick off the summer, we have new music from one of my favorite new Visual Kei bands. I actually may hop my ass over to CD Japan to see if they’re selling it and pick myself up a copy, cause I know damn well it’s not gonna be on U.S. iTunes. If you’re in Japan, make sure to watch until the end for tour dates. I’m jealous as fuckkkk of anyone who gets to go!