1st full album ‘LOVE’ out October 5th!

Age Factory have that FLCL vibe, meaning they’re full of youthful tribulation and melancholy! I think these elements will always make for great stories and music, as they represent such a pivotal time in life that everyone has experienced to some degree. Although a bit bothered by the lead singer’s (Shimizu Eisuke) mannerisms and the constant monotone shouting that make up the vocals, I still very much enjoy this record. I think the aforementioned “gripes” are befitting of the single’s energy and concept and therefore aren’t unbearable, but I did notice them. So many great bands from Japan- it honestly is a country to look out for if you’re into Rock music, always has been.

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Age Factory

2016.10.05 Release
PECF-3171 / ¥2,037+税

01. Seventeen
02. 疾走
03. Yellow
04. 金木犀
05. Night bloomer
06. Puke
07. Tours
08. Veranda
09. Mother
10. My end


1st Full Album 「LOVE」 Release gig OSMANTHUS

10月14日(金)CLUB ROCK’N’ ROLL
OPEN 18:00 START 18:30
ADV¥2500 DOOR¥2800
出演:Age Factory / LONE / the twenties / フィッシュライフ
Lコード 45604

10月22日(土)shibuya CLUB KINOTO
OPEN 17:30 START 18:00
ADV¥2500 DOOR¥2800
出演:Age Factory / told / Qomolangma Tomato / 突然少年
Lコード 76452

OPEN 17:30 START 18:00
ADV¥2500 DOOR¥2800
出演:Age Factory / TheSpringSummer / MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS / and more
Lコード 52680
Pコード 309-882