HOLLAND Releases the Most Beautiful MV for “Nar_C”


HOLLAND‘s self-titled EP was just released on the 31st of March and it’s bop after bop after muh fuckin bop. Nar_C and Up are the only new tracks on it but it’s still an awesome project nonetheless, every song hitting the Electrokpop feels like whoaaaaa. The title track of the EP, Nar_C, stands strong on it’s own, but the video is absolutely everything. It shows the cutest relationship between him and his play-boyfriend (model JaeSeok), even though the reality of their situation isn’t as pretty and blissful as one might initially think…

Honestly this is such a beautiful release because of Holland’s bravery. With homophobia still being very much a thing in Korea it must be so hard for him to be openly gay in such a public way, pursuing a career where he is quite literally the only one, but he’s staying true to himself and doing it anyway (and killing it all the while!). Since Korea is currently what it is, most of his fans are international ones. It’s important that we rally together to support him. His music is the most fun, unique, magical stuff I’ve heard from Korean Pop in a long time, filling me up with the same excitement I felt when I first got into the genre! Representation matters, Holland will always have my support!

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