Boni! If You Don’t Know Her, You Need To!

Korean singer “Boni” releases new track ‘You Got Me’. Free download!

Seriously, keep?Boni on your radar. Her voice was made for sexy R&B tracks like this, the type of songs that are for the most intimate moments. The original is actually by Korean singer 40 and is called Bravo; I’ll post that video below too so you all can hear it. Boni?made this track her own but also used some of the original lyrics, which I loved. Now I just want to see a Boni x 40 collabo- I think I’d pass out from all the sexy that release?would have. Check below for Boni’s You Got Me, 40’s Bravo, and the download links.

Boni- You Got Me (Download Here)

40- Bravo (Download the single?Bad Bed Songs on iTunes?Here)

Follow Boni and 40:

Boni Twitter: @Boni_10

40 Twitter: @40Number

(Source: rhythmer)